Elizabeth Archer-Trew, Psychologist  Adults Couples 

Elizabeth works with both individuals and couples to design a life filled with richness and meaning. Her skills base has been deepened  working with all age ranges in group and individual settings in the fields of couples counselling, post-separation counselling and parenting, family support, parent education, and general counselling. With interests in working with infidelity and its resulting trauma, the impact of personality on relationship dynamics, learning to communicate for repair and to deepen intimacy and understanding, and learning to adjust to life’s changing circumstances, Elizabeth draws on a diverse range of theories and intervention styles to uniquely and collaboratively work clients. To make an appointment with Elizabeth call 0402 727 017 and she will be only too happy to discuss your needs prior to booking you first appointment.


Liza Kokkoris, Clinical Psychologist  Children (8-12 yrs Adults  Families

Liza has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of common psychological and behavioural problems in children and employs a multi-systemic approach involving parents/caregivers and teachers, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Liza has a special interest in the management of anxiety, ADHD and ASD in children and adults. She also works with adults in the areas of depression, anxiety, stress and adjustment to major life changes. Liza works closely with clients to make effective change using evidence-based interventions best suited to presenting concerns. To make an appointment with Liza call 5628 7016.


Professor Vicki Bitsika, AM, clinical psychologist  – ASD services for Children  Youth    Adults  Families

Professor Vicki Bitsika, AM specialises in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders. She also offers consultation and training services to families, caregivers, and organisations responsible for supporting individuals with ASD.  To make an appointment with Vicki call 0439 001 696 or email

Sheree Ly