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Psychologist Miami Business Centre Australia

Elizabeth Archer-Trew, Psychologist – Adults – Couples

Elizabeth works with both individuals and couples to design a life filled with richness and meaning. Her skills base has been deepened  working with all age ranges in group and individual settings in the fields of couples counselling, post-separation counselling, parenting, family support, parent education, and general counselling. With interests in working with infidelity and its resulting trauma, the impact of personality on relationship dynamics, learning to communicate for repair and to deepen intimacy and understanding and learning to adjust to life’s changing circumstances. Elizabeth draws on a diverse range of theories and intervention styles to uniquely and collaboratively work with her clients.

Elizabeth can be contacted on 0402 727 017 and will be only too happy to discuss your client’s needs prior to booking their first appointment.

Psychologist Miami Business Centre Australia
Rachel Hinton - Clinical Psychologist

Rachel Hinton is committed to exploring all aspects of the human condition and supports a wide variety of people. She has strong experience in providing treatment to individuals experiencing substance use disorders and trauma, and has completed further training in post-natal and perinatal mental health since having her own child.

Rachel makes a great effort to create a non-judgmental and supportive environment for her clients. She takes a caring and collaborative approach to therapy to help individuals receive the support needed to make and maintain positive change. Rachel practices within a variety of evidence-based therapeutic frameworks and explores the underlying issues that cause psychological concerns.

Rachel completed her Master of Clinical Psychology at Bond University. She has published research in the field of addiction and teaches clinical skills to students at Bond University.

To make an appointment with Rachel call 07 5628 7018

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