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Get A Tech Electrical and Communication Solutions

Get a Tech is a trusted brand. We are professionals in delivering bulletproof solutions. All our solutions are already tested and just work. Time is money. Our focus is to allow you to do what you do best


  • Office Cloud Networking
  • Business Grade VoIP
  • Business Grade Internet
  • Office Fibre Networking
  • Managed Networking
  • WIFI Solution Management
  • Data Cabling Certification

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GCESS is a not for profit disability employment service provider dedicated to assisting people 14 years to retirement age who have permanent disability, injury or illness to find employment and support you on and off the jobsite to keep your job. You will receive one on one personalised support to prepare you for work, market you to employers and support you once you start employment.

Visit our website at or call us on 1300 442377 to find out more.

Bangkok Tailoring Miami

Bualai brings 19 years of experience in dressmaking and alterations with a degree in design, textile and clothing. She is passionate about providing quality dressmaking and clothing alterations. Repair or resize your favourite outfits. If you buy a dress or suit that does not quite fit, let Bualai alter it to suit your body shape for a flattering look. Bangkok Tailoring also offers a wide range of services: design, pattern-making, garment sampling, uniforms of all varieties, formal and wedding dresses, pants and suits, curtains, furniture covers and cushions, even custom made clothing for your pooch!! And more.